Awakening to Freedom!

We Are the New Dawn! - Practical Magic for a New Age

WE are the New Dawn!

The New Dawn is a particular energy – the energy of awakening and expanding consciousness. If you are reading this page, you hold the energy of the New Dawn in your heart. You were born to carry the frequency of love, light, and rebirth, because you are a catalyst for the awakening of humanity.

I would guess that you are also very sensitive and empathic, and you have doubts about your own self worth. It’s part of the package. We “sensitives” have what Matt Kahn in the Karmic Return calls “an inferior ego.” In other words, deep down we wonder if we are good enough.

We don’t fit into the traditional patterns of society. In fact, we are misfits in a big way. Why? Because we came here to shake up the system and bring in a new reality. The new reality is based on compassion, cooperation, sharing, honoring our planet, protecting our ecosystems, and respect for all life. It’s a very different model from the patriarchal and hierarchical model that dominates most of the world today. That’s why we don’t fit in. We are not supposed to fit!

Searching for the New Dawn!

It took me a long time to understand what I’m doing here. Maybe you can relate. Though we don’t fit into the mainstream culture, we still have to survive and play the game to some degree. It’s challenging!

We were born knowing that everything is connected and that everyone deserves to be treated with respect, yet we see so much domination and destruction all around us. That is very confusing, and it is part of why we doubt ourselves. We KNOW there is a better way, yet everything around us tells us it is not possible.

Though we may not remember, we knew we were taking on a difficult job when we decided to come here to Earth. We knew we would forget and that we would have to find ways to remember why we came. Fortunately, we left ourselves lots of clues, and we have many invisible helpers who give us hints whenever they can. We are not alone.

Not only do we have invisible helpers, we have each other. We can remind each other why we are here, and we can give each other encouragement when things get rough. We can share our magic!

Losing Your Magic

I know how it feels to lose your magic. Maybe your life is pretty good. You have everything you need, but it still feels like something is missing – something important! Perhaps it feels like you’ve lost your enthusiasm, your motivation, your creative spark, or your sense of freedom. Nothing is seriously wrong, but you wonder, “What’s the point?” Even though you are sitting on a comfortable plateau, it doesn’t feel satisfying. Don’t worry. This is just a temporary phase. It means you are ready to expand.

Since you are reading this page, you probably know about Law of Attraction. I bet you’ve already learned to consciously appreciate everything in your life, including the things that don’t feel so good in the moment (or at least you are working on it). Even so, you may still feel like you are missing something. Maybe it even feels like you have entered a void where nothing makes much sense anymore. The world around you can seem oddly out of focus, or it doesn’t even feel real much of the time. You are in the world, yet not fully part of it.

Welcome to the New Reality!

Congratulations! That feeling of emptiness means you have mastered 3D reality, pretty much. You are someone who knows how to manifest what you need. Now you are ready to expand to wider vistas. This is a GOOD thing, believe it or not. Your soul is remembering and calling you to explore realities you had never believed possible before. You are now ready to step into the freedom of your magical mastery.

It feels weird, doesn’t it? So many things that used to seem so important no longer hold your interest. It’s like you have hit a dead-end, and yet it is not the end. In fact, it is only the beginning of an amazing new adventure!

That’s what Practical Magic is all about. It’s magic for everyday use. The more you use it, the more fun and uplifting your life will be and the more FREEDOM you will feel. Try it! When you remember your magic, you tap into your expanded self. Then you can finally remember how amazing you are.

archetype - queen of wandsWhat Does Magical Mastery Mean?

Mastery means coming home to yourself. You are learning to accept responsibility for your own experience and to love it all.

  • It means following your own inner guidance without depending on anyone else for answers.
  • It means trusting your intuition, your inner knowing, and following your heart.
  • You no longer try to please anyone else, because you know there IS nobody else.
  • Mastery means you are no longer trapped in the 3D reality of karma, cause and effect, time, and physical limitations.
  • In short, you feel FREE!

Magical Mastery is using your imagination to create a new direction for your life. That is Practical Magic! Bottom line, you realize that you are already perfect, just the way you are, because you are an infinite and unlimited being! So the next step is to explore how infinite and unlimited you really are. Are you ready?

YOU are a powerful creator!

Yes, I mean YOU. We all are. Every thought you focus on is activating your future. So find wonderful things to focus on! That doesn’t mean ignoring the heartbreak in the world. It means feeling it and letting it flow through and then returning to focus on something wonderful (and fun) again and again. That way you participate in healing the world from the inside out, rather than perpetuating the distortions.

My Magical Story – Maybe You Can Relate
My magical awakening began when I was about twelve years old. It’s hard to believe that was over fifty years ago! I began to remember that I came to this life with a mission, but I didn’t know what it was. My entire life has been a process of discovering and learning to live that mission, whether I realized it at the time, or not. It’s all about awakening to freedom.
Looking back, I see that magical events have always shaped my life:
  • Books jumped out from library and bookstore shelves, and electrified me with new codes and information (reminders of what I came here to remember), most notably the Seth material, Abraham-Hicks, and Barbara Marciniak’s early Pleiadian channeling.
  • A strange, old man at a full moon ritual took my hand and drew a triangle on my palm with his pen, telling me that I was one of 144,000 teachers and healers who have come to help the world, and that I would find a similar triangle on my right foot. Of course I looked when I got home and he was right.
  • During a color meditation, a deep voice said, “You belong to the Order of Melchizedek,” and they showed me a grid of golden hexagrams on a blue violet background – from which I learned that I am a Blue Ray Being. (More on the Blue Ray – this totally resonates with me!) This experience was more confusing than helpful at the time, since I had no idea what the Order of Melchizedek was, but it opened my awareness to another dimension within myself. I was not surprised when I later learned that we are an order of teachers and healers who often incarnate on Earth to help in times of transformation.
  • My faery guide told me that I am here to “teach the faery way.” (And yes, I do see faeries sometimes.)

Awakening to Freedom - Exploring the New Dawn - Practical Magic - wulfworks.comDragons and Faeries and Trolls, Oh My!

I’ve seen faeries swirling over my head, occasional sightings of goddesses and gods (they are indeed real), and dragons, as well as vivid past-life memories of working magic in ancient times. Yet, for most of my life I felt like a misfit in the human world, like an alien trapped in a strange reality that makes very little sense. I longed to find my people, my soul family – at least someone who understands!
I Felt Stuck for a Long Time!

The harder I tried to fit in, the more I failed. I failed in businesses, relationships, home ownership, creative pursuits, and even in what I thought was “my mission.” I wasn’t even succeeding at healing and teaching! Wasn’t that what I was born to do? It just didn’t make sense. Needless to say, I felt frustrated and exhausted much of the time. I knew there must be a key to make sense of it all, but I couldn’t seem to find it no matter where I looked.

I searched through spiritual texts and studied Eastern religions, Christianity, channeled messages, western psychology, energy healing modalities, new-age gurus, and age-old prophecies – always trying to discover the essence of that elusive something that was echoing in the depths of my being. What was the missing link?


It wasn’t until the mid 90s, when I listened to a tape of Esther Hicks channeling Abraham and explaining how Law of Attraction works, that I had my first big breakthrough moment. That was quite an awakening! It felt like something I had always known intuitively was finally able to take root in my logical brain. Why did it take so LONG? (I realize now that it had to take a long time, otherwise I would never have been able to understand how hard it is for other people to find what they are looking for.)

Once I consciously began working with Law of Attraction as taught by Abraham, my life started getting better and better, but I still felt like something was missing. It was the Magic!

Two Kinds of Magic

1 – Magical Mystery Wisdom
The first kind of magic I discovered (remembered) was Celtic Mystery Wisdom. This magic of my Irish and Scottish ancestors is coded in my DNA, and the faeries led me to it. It was woven into my past-life memories like a magical thread running all the way back to the dawn of time. Here was the anchor, the root that connected me with humanity AND the faery realm at the same time. It felt like discovering a treasure map along with the key to decode it.

My Soul Came Alive! 

As soon as I tapped into the rich well of Celtic shamanic magic, myth, and lore, I felt my soul come alive and expand into multiple dimensions. It seemed that I was starving for Magic!

I rediscovered hope, freedom, and a feeling of connection with all life that I hadn’t felt since early childhood. In short, magic opened my heart and filled my life with new purpose and meaning.

That sort of magic is all about awakening to your spiritual purpose and connection with All That Is. It can also help your physical life flow more smoothly, but it is most concerned with the life of your soul and spirit.

2 – Practical Magic

The second type of magic I discovered was Practical Magic! Practical magic is all about finding ways to enjoy life in this world in our physical bodies, right now. It is closely aligned with Law of Attraction, and it can also draw from ancient mystery wisdom in the use of symbols, rituals, and chants. The best thing about it is that it is FUN!
Practical Magic for the New Dawn - Color Outside the Lines!

It must be fun or it won’t work very well. That’s because fun and laughter are very high vibrations, and if you want things to flow smoothly in your life, you have to keep your vibration high. Practical magic is definitely about coloring outside the lines!

That’s my story in a nutshell, my path of awakening to freedom. It seems that the path of the Blue Ray is all about finding and validating our OWN inner truth. That has certainly been my path. I never could have found my way by searching through the teachings of others, no matter how helpful or well founded, though they may be very good reminders of what we already know.

Paradoxically, the seeker never finds until she or he stops seeking. I had to step into magical mastery of my own reality – no longer the student or seeker. (Matt Kahn has a great video describing this too.) I am still learning how to move more fully into my freedom. It is a lifelong process.

You Can Do It Too!

Magical Mastery is actually nothing more mysterious than maintaining a high vibration. It is living the vibration of love, joy, freedom, and fun with an open heart – and Practical Magic is nothing more mysterious than shifting your vibration at will. That doesn’t mean you no longer learn, you no longer need to practice, or you are never faced with challenges. As a magical master you experience learning as a recognition of what you already know. It is actually re-membering. You trust your knowing in a different way. It comes from inside, even when you recognize it through an outer event or source.

  • Magic is my path of mastery, and that is why I am able to teach it and use it for healing successfully.
  • In magic, I have found a key to the freedom that always eluded me in the past – the key to my secret treasure trove of endless riches, and my path of awakening.
  • Magic isn’t always about casting spells and doing rituals, though that might be part of it and it can make it more fun.
  • Real magic is about transforming consciousness by raising your vibration – often through the use of ritual, symbol, shamanic exploration, and myth.

What about you?

We live in a most amazing and magical time where we are changing the entire fabric of our reality – transformation by YOU and ME! Along with legions of other-dimensional beings, and planet Earth herself, we are shaping the future of Earth in a whole new pattern. The whole world is awakening. Some call it ascension, others call it “The Awakening,” or “The Shift,” and there are many other ways to describe what is happening, but the reality is that we are right in the middle of it NOW!

Is it challenging? You bet!
  • Sometimes it can feel like you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.
  • Other times it feels like nothing makes sense and you really don’t belong ANYWHERE.

You have to create your OWN reality, because the reality you were born into just doesn’t fit anymore. It can’t make sense, because you are here to demolish the old order and create something new and better.

  • Most likely, you are a highly sensitive and intuitive person.
  • You may pick up other people’s emotions and sometimes you think they are your own.
  • That means you are an empath.

The mainstream marketplace just doesn’t “get” you (and you don’t get it).

  • You may have been so undervalued in the market place that you forgot to value yourself. Maybe you don’t even charge enough to support yourself comfortably!
  • Living between the worlds is normal for you. You live between the old order that doesn’t work anymore, and a new reality that hasn’t yet manifested.
  • You can FEEL the pain of Earth, humans, and every other species, and is sometimes overwhelming.
  • People who are attached to the old order might be critical, dismissive, mocking, or even cruel in their attempts to make you fit into the outworn model of reality, but that is not YOUR way.

You are here to make changes. Because you are different, you bring a new, uplifted, open-hearted vibration to this weary world. You can see a magical vision that others cannot yet see. The more you allow your true self to shine, the faster we will transform this world together.

There is no time like NOW to step into your magical vision and live it to the max! 

Bernadette Wulf - Awakening to Freedom in the New Dawn


This website is my way of sharing a lot of the different things I do in one place. My art, energy healing, healthy diet, and magical adventures are an integral part of my embodiment in the New Dawn. You may be walking a totally different path, or there may be some overlap, but either way, I know we all contribute in ways that nobody else could ever do.

Treasure your gifts and talents. Embrace your weirdness. Celebrate your unique contributions to this amazing world of ours. We couldn’t be here without you.

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Something Uplifting

Matt Kahn is one of my “go to” speakers who helps me keep things in perspective. Here’s one of his best talks, where he speaks about how feeling our feelings can heal the world. I hope it will inspire you as much as it did me.

Does your life make more sense after listening to Matt?

When you really get that you are already doing everything right, doesn’t it release a huge burden from your heart? As you realize that simply feeling your feelings IS healing the world, don’t you feel how amazing it is to be YOU? When I really felt that, it brought tears to my eyes. I want you to know how important and amazing you are too.

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